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An IT Infrastructure platform that integrates the Brazilian market to the international stock exchange electronic trading environment. It offers B3 Exchange colocation, allowing direct low latency access to PUMA matching engine, a market extranet with connectivity to more than 500 financial local institutions, disaster recovery data center in proximity with B3 secondary data center, a global network that reaches all main international financial markets and specialized services such as smart hands and hardware as a service.

The platform offers a portfolio that follows international standards and market best practices supporting “best execution” guidance and offering high security and performance, low costs and global reach.

These services are offered as building blocks and can be contracted individually:

rtm dma - B3 colocation

B3 Colocation

» Rack space, flexible and on demand, in B3 data center (SPA);

» Low-latency managed service provider access to the colocation environment;

» Redundant fiber connectivity for access to PUMA via RCB edge routers;

» Connectivity to entire B3 system.

rtm dma - Market Connectivity

Market Connectivity

» Low latency connectivity to all main global financial markets;

» MPLS Access to +500 Brazilians financial institutions through the RTM Financial Network;

» Procurement, provision and management of last mile connectivity;

» Vendor and Cloud Connect - Native access to finance service providers and main public Cloud providers.

rtm dma - Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

» Rack and Energy;

» Access to B3 PUMA via B3’s secondary data center at XV de Novembro;

» Low latency B3 Puma via B3’s primary data center at SPA B3.

Services rtm dma


» Hardware and Software as a Service – low latency network switches and servers, FPGA boards and software licenses;

» Private Cloud Services;

» Smart Hands;

» Design, integration and consulting services.

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